Frequently Asked Questions

​Contact us for a free assessment

  • My Mother or Father needs a little extra help but I’m not sure exactly what they need?When you contact Triple Care, a member of our management team will arrange to come and have a chat to assess your needs and suggest the appropriate level of support.
  • Do you charge for an assessment?No, our assessments are FREE of charge with a no obligation quote.
  • Can the support worker take me out into town?Yes. Accessing the local community is a vital service we provide to many clients.
  • What if I need care urgently?Emergency response situations are dealt with immediately and can be provided within less than 24 hours notice.
  • Will I still receive care on Bank Holidays?Yes. We provide care 365 days a year.
  • I want to go on holiday – can I put my care on hold for a period of time?Yes you can. Simply call the office so we can arrange accordingly.
  • What if I need to speak to somebody when the office is closed?We have a dedicated Out Of Hours “On Call” number which can be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • Will the care worker look after my pets?Yes, the right care worker is always selected to accommodate all your requirements. A pet lover will be found for you.
  • What if I need more or less support in the future?We can increase or decrease the amount of support given at any time to suit your needs.
  • If I need to change my booking how much notice do you need?24 hours if possible but always call if there is a problem and we can try and work around it.
  • What sort of care workers do you supply?We carefully select our care workers who we make sure show all signs of kindest, honest and loyalty. Your care worker will be suitably matched to all your needs and requirements.
  • How do i pay for your service?If you are funding your own care we will invoice you. Our preferred method of payment is standing order or BACS.

What happens next…… Call us on 01293771572 and we will arrange a convenient time to come and meet you to carry out an assessment and discuss your requirements in full.

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