Palliative Care

Palliative care at home means that you or your family member can remain in a place that you feel comfortable and surrounded by memories, with the support of a compassionate carer. Our care is not just about providing assistance, it is also about offering emotional support and companionship during a difficult time. We provide active, compassionate care with advice and support to alleviate the anxiety, fear and loneliness that many experience during this time.

As well as having a dedicated team of carers with palliative care expertise, we work alongside hospices & support groups, continuing healthcare teams, and District Nurses to make sure that your loved one can live in comfort and with dignity during their final months. With one carer who completely understands what matters most, you can be rest assured knowing that someone who respects and understands what your loved one is experiencing will be there to help them at all times.

We provide up to 24hr care which allows you to bring their loved ones home and be confident that professional care & support will be provided by skilled and compassionate caregivers. Contact our supportive and compassionate team today to find out more about arranging palliative care for your loved one.

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